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From Bed To Fit!

February 21, 2019


Below is a workout that anyone can do, whatever your fitness level. Conditions such as Depression and Anxiety can stop you from doing a lot of things but exercise doesn't have to be one of them. So give it a go! What else do you have to lose? 

I always love hearing about peoples experiences so message me through our social media pages to share yours. Your fitness is waiting for you...


Chair Squats: Deceptively difficult. Practice standing up and sitting down in a chair without using your arms or hands to assist you. Be sure to use a straight backed chair because doing this on a couch is not fun.


Stairs: Most properties will have them but if not, you're never far away from a set. Alternatively, step-ups onto a small box or step are just as affective. Use a handrail if necessary but begin to practice using only your legs as much as possible.


Down Ups: Hit the deck and stand up. One of the trickier exercises if you're in your latter years or a tad overweight but not impossible! In a way that works for you, make your way to the floor and then get back up into a full standing posture. Use assistance if you need to but begin to experiment just using your own body. You'll be surprised at what it can do!


Once your comfortable with the movements, perform each one for 5 repetitions (or reps) and then move on to the next one. Completing each movement in this way back to back is called a circuit.


Perform 3 circuits to complete level 1

Perform 5 circuits to complete level 2

Perform 7 circuits to complete level 3


Take rest when you need to but try to take as little rest as possible. 


Once you have completed level 3 you're ready for the next step which is Bodyweight Basics. 


God speed and good luck!


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